Dream is evolution...

The most influential and innovative ideas that changed the world flourished from a dream. That's why imagination is the key element for expansion and the evolution for the world/humanity.

There is no such thing as a bad dream. All dreams and imaginative activity is essential for us. History only mentions those who made their dreams come true.

Systems, stereotypes, biases... A child in kindergarten has an imagination capacity of 98% by the time he/she gets to college this capacity goes down to 2%. Why forget our most natural talent which is the act of imagination?

As the only dream platform in the world, our job is to call dreams back. We aim to set imagination free from all molds and encourage humanity to dream more...

Because, the world will improve, make peace, solve its problems and evolve as long as we dream.

Dream, so you can be!

Don’t forget you are what you dream of...

Semih Yalman